What is included in the trip cost?

  • An experienced and professional guide
  • Bicycle, Helmet (For cycling tours)
  • Kayaks, Paddles and Life Jackets (For Kayaking tours)
  • However we leave it to you to arrange your own food for the day

What equipment/clothing will I need?

Visit our 'general requirements' page to see what you need to bring along for a tour.

What first-aid and safety precautions do you take?

All our guides are trained in basic first-aid and carry a first-aid kit with them on tour.

Is it okay if I have never hiked/kayaked/cycled before?

  • Hiking- Yes. No problem! We can go at whatever pace suits you and all of our routes are fairly flexible.
  • Kayaking- Yes. However you need to be a competent swimmer as we will be in the ocean!! If it's your first time paddling, that's fine, but we may not be able to go far/quickly if you're still getting the hang of it.
  • Cycling- No. We need you to be able to ride a bicycle competently... So some basic experience is essential.
If you have any concerns about yours or other participants abilities, please let us know in advance and we can accommodate for your needs. It is much harder for us to deal with such surprises once on a trip.

What is the age limit for children to attend a trip?

Depends on the trip...

  • Our 'Dragon's Back' and 'Sai Kung Beaches' hiking tours are child friendly, down to the age of 8 years old or so. It is quite subjective though, so let us know where you think your child's ability is at and we can accommodate it for you.
  • All other routes will pose quite a challenge for any child. So again, get in touch to let us know your situation and we can create a customised package for you!


What's the difference between Wild Cat and Mad Dog classifications?

Depending on your motivation, there are two ways in which you can participate in The Tiger Ride. Mad Dog classification is for hardy folks who wish to take up the challenge of cycling all the way between two locations. The Full Tiger Ride otherwise known as the Penang to Phuket Challenge would see you aiming to cycle every inch of land between Penang and Phuket. The ride is led through GPS breadcrumb track, allowing ultimate freedom to take it at your own pace, and stop wherever you like. The support team is always at your fingertips. Wild Cat Classification is for those who want to have a fantastic overland adventure, but are less concerned with cycling every inch and would prefer to have a more leisurely, while active and adventurous, tour. Wild Cats category covers approximately 30km before lunch and another after lunch. The ride is led by a cycling guide and participants generally remain in a group. This will involve travelling parts of the overland adventure by vehicle. Both Mad Dogs and Wild Cats participants cover the same itinerary.

If I register in Mad Dogs category but after the ride starts, I would prefer to participate in the Wild Cats, more relaxed event, is that cool?

Provided we have the capacity to do so, we will do our best to accommodate your wish!

What is NOT provided?

i) Flights are your own responsibility. ii) Transfers to and from airports are not included. Should you desire advice with this, please ask us. iii) You may need to buy refreshments and water from shops along the route if the support vehicle is not close to hand in the Mad Dogs category. We will always however offer snacks and water for you to stash away and you are very likely to see the support vehicle on a regular basis! iv) Dinner is not included – there is plenty of scope for exploration of towns and restaurants in the evenings and we don’t want everyone to feel obliged to all go to the same place. In general, people will want to join the group in which case each person will pay his or her own share. v) We usually stop at a local restaurant for lunch, which is provided. In this case, drinking water will be provided but soft drinks are not included. vi) Insurance – you will need comprehensive insurance which covers this type of activity as a condition of joining and you will need to provide policy details. vii)You need to bring sufficient spares for your bicycle, especially if you have unusual fittings. We do bring some basic spares – you must pay for any spare parts which you consume. viii) You will need to buy visas if you require them. ix) If something is not explicitly included, it is unlikely to be included, please enquire concerning specific items that you are unsure about ahead of booking. xi) Tipping for mechanics, drivers and local guides is not compulsory however if you feel you have received good service, a modest tip is always gratefully received. xii)You must bring all items on the Mandatory Kit List. xiii) Luggage porter services – please carry your own bag unless hotel staff are there to assist.

What meals and refreshments will be provided?

On cycling days, a hearty breakfast will be given to you first thing (when you can also take some snacks for the road) and “fuelling” snacks and refreshments will be provided at lunch later during the day. This is usually at a local restaurant. The vehicle is often on hand to provide further water and snacks during the day between checkpoints. On non-cycling days, such as the day after the final day of cycling, meals (including breakfast) are not included.

I have many more questions to ask, are there further FAQ's?

Yes! You can see further FAQ's for the Tiger Ride once you have submitted a registration form with us. Alternatively, if you have any specific questions, don't hesitate to contact us :)